About me

I am an established freelance editor and writer based in Toronto, Canada, with happy and satisfied clients from all over the world._FOS8706

After graduating magna cum laude from Victoria University here in Toronto, I worked as a TV news researcher, and was soon writing on-air promotional text and web copy for CBC Midday.

I then went to CBC Sports, writing and editing web features for two Olympic Games.

Writing about events as they unfolded in real time was definitely my “trial by fire” as both a writer and an editor.

But to my considerable surprise, I loved it: as a writer, I learned how to tell a story clearly and eloquently, and how to work with an editor when one of my “babies” had to be tweaked – or changed completely.

Oliana: the best job perk EVER.

And when it was my turn in the editing chair, I was able to collaborate constructively with my teammates to help them tell the best stories they could, in their own voices.

After my CBC contract ended, I was hired by the CNIB (formerly the Canadian National Institute for the Blind) as their full-time/staff senior writer and editor, where I got to do more of what I love, as well as hang out with guide dogs – a huge job perk!

Then the recession hit in 2008 and I was laid off, along with many of my colleagues.

In the good Scots tradition, I went home to a stiff drink and a long think.

The next morning I was up and running as a freelance editor, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I love my work, and over the years I’ve formed lasting partnerships with authors and editors from around the globe. Some of the material I’ve been honoured to work with, fiction and non-fiction alike, has left me simply speechless with wonder and admiration.

Work just doesn’t get much better than this.

Jennifer McIntyre,
Toronto, Canada.

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