Knock, knock. Who’s there? COCONUT.

So my friend Tamara, who is a professor of microbiology, is on sabbatical in Hawaii. When she first arrived there a few months ago, one of the peculiar things she learned was that it’s actually legal to mail a coconut within the continental US.

coconut labelAnd apparently Canada.

You just have to take your coconut (should you have one) to a post office, and they will give you permanent markers to decorate it up! Then you cover it with stamps, and away it goes.

Here is a page that explains this bizarre and little-known law.

I was actually on my way out to do an errand this afternoon when I heard my phone ring to tell me someone was at the door. I nearly ignored it (I was in kind of a hurry), but thankfully I didn’t – there on the stoop stood a letter carrier with a big smile on his face.Frank the postman with coconut

He said “I think you’re going to LOVE this one…” and with a flourish, he opened his (bulging) letter bag and produced the coconut!

He told me that all of the staff at the Canada Post sorting depot had taken pictures of it, and then when they were done his supervisor walked up to him with it and said, “Well, Frank, this one’s yours!”

He had to make a special trip to my door with it, because nothing else would fit in his bag.

I love life sometimes.

coco -4coco -3coco -2coco -1


Stress-buster: Legs up the wall

As freelance editors and writers, we spend a staggering amount of time every day with our butts in our chairs.

Like many of us, I have the best of intentions when it comes to ergonomics — a proper chair, a foot-rest, and a laptop screen that is angled correctly.

But by about 2 in the afternoon, I usually feel like I’m supporting an anvil on my shoulders and look like Gollum after a hard day at the riverbank.


My neck hurtsss, my preciousssss….

Sssssssstressssss, my preciousssssss.

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Editor health: Take a hike!

Being a freelancer and business owner is a wonderful thing: we get to set our own hours, work free from distractions (like the guy in the next cubicle with the bag of baby carrots), and be choosier about our clients and the work we take on.

IMG_7127 (768x1024)

Come in, all ye who freelance and are heavily stressed…

But with self-employment comes the challenge of staying healthy in both mind and body. Continue reading