Writing Services

Good, clear writing engages your readers, inspires donors and volunteers, attracts new clients to your business or organization – and helps you keep the ones you’ve got.

What I do:

  • Book jacket promotional copy
  • Book reviews and author interviews
  • Feature interviews, profiles, and spotlights
  • Ghostwriting
  • Medical and health-related brochures and information packages
  • Newsletters, e-newsletters, and mailings
  • Television and radio promo scripts
  • Voice-over and awards show scripts
  • Web copy

Portfolio and samples:

Where do you come from?”: An interview with student refugees at University College, Toronto

Profile of author Miriam Toews

Profile of Peter Cen, Founder, OOHLALA Mobile

Profile of Ariel Garten, inventor of the MUSE headband

“Bullying: It’s Gotten Worse, But It’s Getting Better”: Feature on bullying / interview with Rick Mercer

CNIB: “People Need Training Too: How to Interact with a Guide Dog

Profile of Penny Hartin and her Guide Dog, Oliana

Profile of Canadian badminton medallist Denyse Julien


Member, Professional Writers’ Association of Canada


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