Here’s what my clients have said about working with me.

Jennifer is a remarkably talented editor. She’s deft and quick at adapting to your writing style; she’s absolutely thorough and easy to work with. Can’t recommend her highly enough.
Michael J. Goodspeed, author of novels and histories

You are so fantastically supportive: every new author deserves a Jen, and I’m glad I found you!

KR McKilvane, author of The Way of the Hound (forthcoming, summer 2022)

A big thank you to Jen McIntyre for her outstanding edits of my thriller novels. Her sharp-eyed copy editing and well-developed sense of story and character helped shape my manuscripts into polished genre fiction. Jen is a real pro, and was a delight to work with. I greatly appreciated her encouragement and humor. Always positive, always vigilant. I highly recommend her to all authors, particularly those just starting out. Bravura!  

Rick Bosworth, author of First Citizen and the Frank Luce thriller series

Sterling edit — extremely thorough and excellent sense of humour to boot. Highly recommended.

Mark Dawson, author of the bestselling John Milton and Beatrix Rose series.

Thank you SO much for everything you do. I can’t express how much I appreciate how your input and editorial changes take my books to the next level. The fact that you are invested enough in the story to make suggestions where they are needed means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alexandra Amor, author of the Freddie Lark mystery series and Cult, A Love Story

Jen is the Celine Dion of editors!

Ellen Davidson, co-owner, Dimensions Custom Framing & Gallery, Toronto.

My heartfelt thanks to Jen McIntyre for the conscientious and meticulous copyediting of The Charm Buyers. I deeply appreciate all her careful, painstaking, and sensitive work on my manuscript!
Lillian Howan, author, The Charm Buyers (University of Hawaii Press)

It was a delight working through your notes. Easiest ‘checking of edits’ I’ve done in years. Answered all your comments with YUP. Thanks for tightening. Me = very happy author!
Tania Roxborogh, author, The Banquo’s Son Trilogy

Thank you to Jen, who, time and time again, has not only added finesse to my manuscripts, but encouraged and coached me to grow as a writer and develop stories far better than I have any right to expect. First-class service, always delivered with enthusiasm, warmth and humour.

Greg McGovern, Why My Friends Are Rich and I Am Not (2017)

Thank you, Jennifer! Your editorial changes and remarks were very helpful. I am so appreciative.
– Keith Raffel, author, Temple Mount

My deepest thanks to Jennifer McIntyre, who copy edited the third edition — and corrected the mistakes we missed the first two times! You are the best!
— Prof. Lori Wilkinson, co-author, The Research Process, Third Canadian Edition. Oxford University Press

Thanks so much, Jennifer. What a privilege it is to have someone as talented as you going through my book and working your magic on it — amazing!
– Rebecca Boxall, author, Christmas at the Vicarage

Thank you very much for all your hard work on Murder by Umbrella. Because of your editing, my book reads so much better. You’re an awesome editor.
– Jaye Rothman, author of the Nikki Sinclair spy thriller series

Thank you, Jennifer, for helping me make my book the very best it could be.
Victoria Connelly, author, The Rose Girls

Jennifer is a very conscientious and aware editor, inquiring to ensure her editing style will best suit the end reader – in this case, a series of ebooks for preschoolers! She works with the transcript in any format provided, and delivers on time.
– Sasha Boersma, Sticky Brain Studios

I extend a special thanks to Jennifer McIntyre for her efficient and cheerful work as my copy editor.
– Lorne Dawson, The Sociology of Religion: A Canadian Perspective (Oxford University Press, 2014)

…thanks to Jennifer McIntyre, whose copyediting comments on the manuscript often really made me laugh, as well as feel infinitely more confident about it…. It was lovely that she ‘got it’ so well. Please tell Jennifer that I’d like to buy her a drink sometime!”
– Louise Voss, author, The Venus Trap

Just a quick note to thank you for doing the copy edits for [my book]. I know you get paid and everything, but it’s good to work with someone with such a friendly and professional manner – it was a pleasure going through that manuscript again.
– Ed James, author, Snared

We received some lovely feedback from Dr H. [author] today. He commented how pleased he was with the careful copy-editing, especially as it’s such a large book. He says the copy-editing was thorough and consistent throughout the chapters. …Thank you for your hard work.
– K.E., editorial manager

Jennifer did an excellent job, and even caught an embarrassing error on my part.
– Dr. R.H.

Thanks to Jennifer McIntyre for her work. She offers very good, clear notes.
– M. T., author, US (historical fiction)

You’re a dream freelancer!
– Maggie Casper, production editor

My authors and publishers are all so happy with your work! What do you do to the manuscripts and pages? 🙂
– J.K., project manager

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